Kwilt® for Netgear | All Your Photos at Your Fingertips

So You're Enjoying Your New Router? Let's Kick it up a Notch!

All your photos from anywhere.

Connect a USB drive with your photos to your Netgear router and securely enjoy all your pics right on your mobile and many more platforms!

Better yet, in addition to your home photos, Kwilt gives you simultaneous access to your Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Flickr, DropBox and many more photo collections!

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All your photos from anywhere.

Kwilt gathers all your photos from your Netgear router AND social networks, cloud storage, or your mobile in one well organized, always accessible beautiful photo stream! No picture is copied to the Kwilt server; they are safely accessed live from their original location.


JUST the photo you want.

Kwilt offers four intuitive ways to search your photos across all collections and locations to get you the one you are looking for in a snap. Simply navigate through all your photos by recent, timeline, place or source filters.


your photos where you need them.

Text your Facebook photos, email your Instagram pictures, share them to your chat buddies, call them right within PowerPoint or Kik’em all without switching apps! With Kwilt, your photos are immediately available on virtually any mobile app on Android and iOS as well as through a growing number of partner mobile, desktop and web apps.

Checkout these great ways to enjoy your photos:

Kwilt for iOS
Kwilt for Android (web version)
Kwilt for Microsoft Outlook
Kwilt for Microsoft Office365
Kwilt for Kik

Get started now!

All Your Photos at Your Fingertips, as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Sign up with Kwilt through our website or mobile apps. Connect your photo sources like Instagram, Google Photos, Flickr, DropBox and more. Enjoy your photos anywhere! Kwilt is totally free.

Follow those easy steps to access and enjoy your router photos anywhere, anytime:

1. Create a Kwilt Account online or get Kwilt from the Google Play or App Store..

2. Connect to your Netgear Router

  • Insert a USB key/drive full of your photos to your new NETGEAR router
  • Connect your phone to your Netgear WiFi network
  • Open your Kwilt app and add your Netgear router photo stream by going to Settings → PhotoStreams → + icon → select Kwilt Streamer.
  • When your router shows up on the screen, tap to confirm the paring!

3. Stream your Photos

  • All your photos are now ready to be accessed quickly and securely!

Some Helpful Links

Questions? Check out Kwilt FAQs, our blog for tutorials, or email us at and we’ll be happy to help with anything you need!

More info? Go to

Happy Kwilting!